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27ᵗʰ ADRI International Conference


1. Suci Siti Lathifah, M.Pd Publikasi online oleh Editor
Students’ cognitive learning achievement on vertebrate topic using mind mapping learning material

Quasi experiment method with pre- experimental, one group pretest-posttest design is used in this research. The research was conducted from March to June 2019 and aimed at finding out students’ cognitive achievement on vertebrate learning material before and after using mind mapping. Population in this research is students of tenth grade MIPA in SMA Negeri 1 Cigombong academic year 2018/2019, with 32 students as experimental group. Data collection techniques used is multiple choice questions to find out students’ achievement and questionnaire to measure response towards teaching learning process. The N-gain score for pretest and postest shows medium criteria of 56%. The average result of Pretest before using mind mapping learning material is 47 with cognitive achievement category considers as low. The average result of posttest after using mind mapping learning material is 77 with cognitive achievement category listed as good. On the other hands, teachers’ response towards mind mapping learning material is positive, it can be seen from the result of the questionnaire score 94,3%. While students’ response is 78% like the teaching learning process using picture media and 63% students like the use of group work, 66% students felt bored with identical learning source. It can be concluded that mind mapping learning material is effective in improving students’ cognitive achievement.

3. Desni Yuniarni, M.Psi. Psikolog Publikasi online oleh Editor

Early childhood is the golden age for the children's development. In this age, all of the developmental aspects can be optimized. The optimal child development is the child with good mental health. Mentally healthy children can adapt to their school environment well and will actively participate in every learning process in the school. However, not all children can actively participate in the school. There are many factors that may cause difficulties in children to adapt and participate actively in their school environment. Children who face difficulties in adapting and participating actively in their school environment will impact their mental health. Therefore, a special service in the school is needed to tackle those problems. One of the service forms that can be provided by the school is the guidance and counseling service. Guidance and counseling services are urgently needed to overcome various child problems. Therefore, this study aims to describe the form of guidance and counseling services in one of Early Childhood Education Development (ECED) in Pontianak. The descriptive method was used in this study. This is a qualitative research with case study approach. Data obtained through interviews, observations, and documentary studies. The study found that the guidance and counseling services in the ECED of Pontianak city were started by planning and identifying the children and the parents' needs. The guidance and counseling were carried out both to students and parents. After the services, monitoring and evaluation, as well as follow-up planning, were done to determine further actions. Based on the results of the monitoring and evaluation, we figure out the changes in the children's, which is good progress in their behaviors. It also impacts their mental health. Children become more excited and active in participating in class activities.

5. RAHMAWATI Publikasi online oleh Editor

The development of technology information, telecommunications and electronic processes with its contribution to improving welfare, progress and civilization of human life are becoming more effective tools used by some communities or some people to break the laws or commit a crime leads to dangerous actions for general public, among with the victims. Sexual violence against children increase every year along with the era, ease access to technology. One of the negative effect from the development of technology is children who are out of parental control could enter pornographic contents easily with internet. The process of child protection is an educational process because of the child’s ability to misunderstand and perform social tasks. Protection of child’s rights can be achieved systematically through a series of programs, incentives, educations, religion guidance, games and also through legal assistance called advocacy and child protection law.

7. Dina Yuspita Sari, S.Si., Apt, M.Si Publikasi online oleh Editor
Face Tonic Formulation From Ethanol Extract of Maranta arundinacea L. With Variety of Cosolvent and Surfactant: Propylene Glycol

Background: Maranta arundinacea L. is one of medical plants in Indonesia which have phenolic and flavonoid content which have antioxidant benefits. This study aims to determine the quality of face tonic formulas from ethanol extract of Maranta arundinacea with variety of cosolvent and surfactant. Materials and Methods: The ethanol extract were then formulated into a face tonic formula with variety of cosolvents and surfactant: propylene glycol and polysorbate 80. Face tonic evaluation includes organoleptic testing, pH test, viscosity test, specific gravity test,, and homogeneity test. Results: Organoleptic test of face tonic formulas from ethanol extract of Maranta arundinacea L. with variety concentration of propylene glycol as a cosolvent (FI-III) and variety concentration of polysorbate 80 as a surfactant (FIV-VI) have a colorless, odorless, and clear-gentle solution. The pH value of FI-III was 6.5 and FIV-VI was 5.5. All formulas have a good homogeneity. Viscosity value of FI-III was 4.5 cps and FIV-VI was 2.5 cps. Specific gravity value of FI-VI were 1.1, 0.96, 0.94, 1.00, 1.006, 1.008, and 1.009. Conclusion: The six face tonic formulas from ethanol extract of Maranta arundinacea L. with different types of solubility enhancer, propylene glyvol as a cosolvent and polysorbate 80 as a surfactant, all the parameters test according to the quality requirements of the face tonic standard.

9. dr. Lelo Sintani, MM Publikasi online oleh Editor
Management Strategy for Community Mining Areas (WPR) and Community Mining Permits (IPR) to Increase Community Income in Sepang D

Abstract. Management Strategy for Community Mining Areas (WPR) and Community Mining Permits (IPR) to Increase Community Income in Sepang District, Gunung Mas Regency, Central Kalimantan Province Lelo Sintani 1), Tresia Kristiana 2)Frederical 3)_ 1) Faculty of Economics, University of Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia 73111 2) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Kristen University Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia 73113 3) Mining and Energy Office of Central Kalimantan Province, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia 7311 E-mail: [email protected] Abstract. Mineral resources are one of Indonesia's natural wealth which, if managed properly, will certainly contribute to the country's economic development. In the world of mining, Indonesia is known as a country rich in mineral content that is ready to be removed at any time. However, the issues and news to date illustrate that mining activities by the people have less impact on increasing their welfare and tend to damage the environment as well as various social losses. In addition, community mining activities carried out by the majority of the community have not been accompanied by a clear legal basis, in order to guarantee legal certainty and provide a sense of security for community miners. The problem in this research is how the Community Mining Area (WPR) management system in Sepang District can be utilized optimally by the community, so as to increase their income. In addition, it will also be observed the economic conditions of the people who are engaged in community mining or traditional mining. The research method used is qualitative research methods, research informants, communities who work in mining, local government officials in Sepang District, such as the sub-district head, village head, village head, community and religious leaders, ESDM Office of Central Kalimantan Province. Data collection techniques through observation, interviews. Data analysis, data reduction, data presentation and conclusion drawing. The results of the research show that there are supporting factors for the implementation of the Community Mining Area Program (WPR), with the issuance of the Governor of Central Kalimantan Decree Number 188.44 / 226/2017 concerning Community Mining Areas for Mineral, Non-Metal and / or Rock Minerals, covering an area of 77,071.35 hectares in Central Kalimantan Province. As a follow-up to the WPR, the government issued a People's Mining Permit (IPR). The results of community mining can increase the income of people who work in the community mining area in Sepang District. The results of the study it can be concluded that the Government Policy regarding the Mining Area Program and Community Mining Permits is able to increase the income of the community in Sepang District, Gunung Mas Regency. It is recommended that the Mining Area Program and the Granting of Mining Permits are always monitored by the Regional Government by conducting supervision so that environmental damage does not occur. Local governments are advised to conduct socialization to the community so that mining activities carried out do not endanger mining workers. Key Words : Community Mining Area Management Strategy

11. Dr. Donna Youlla, S.P., M.E.M Publikasi online oleh Editor
Factors Affecting Analysis of the Production of Sweet Corn (Zea Mays L.) in Rasau Jaya 1 Village, Kubu Raya Regency

Abstract: So far, sweet corn farmers in Rasau Jaya Village have contributed significantly to the production figures for horticultural crops in Rasau Jaya District. However, the amount of sweet corn production in Rasau Jaya Jaya 1 Village, Rasau Jaya District, Kubu Raya Regency in the last 5 years has tended to decline, except in 2016, where Rasau Jaya 1 Village received a fairly high amount of production when compared to 2014 and 2015. However, in from 2017 to 2018 the amount of production decreased again, even though the area of sweet corn plantations in Rasau Jaya 1 Village from 2014 to 2019 continued to increase. The place of this research was carried out in Rasau Jaya 1 Village, Rasau Jaya District, Kubu Raya Regency and the selection of the place was deliberate, because seeing the condition of the very high sweet corn harvest in 2016 continued to decline in 2018 in less than 3 months. The observation variables examined in this study were: total production, land area, number of seeds, manure, urea, NPK phonska, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and labor which are used as production factors for sweet corn. To process the data in this study, the Cobb-Douglas production function equation was used where the independent variables (land area, labor, fertilizers, pesticides, seeds) and the dependent variable (sweet corn production) were used. Results showed that ; (1) The average use of land area is 0.48 ha, 3,930 g of seeds, 356 kg of manure, 207 kg of urea, 167 kg of NPK phonska, 5 liters of insecticide, fungicide 4 liters, herbicide 6 liters, 66 HOK labor, and an average sweet corn production of 4.062 kg. (2) Analysis of the coefficient of determination shows that R2 has a statistical regression of 97.70%, which has the influence of land area (X1), seeds (X2), manure (X3), Urea (X4), NPK phonska (X5), Insecticide (X6), Fungicides (X7), Herbicides (X8), Labor (X9) on the ups and downs of sweet corn production (Y). (3) The F test shows that the use of variables from the production factor Land area (X1), seeds (X2), manure (X3), Urea (X4), NPK phonska (X5), Insecticide (X6), Fungicide (X7), Herbicide (X8), Labor (X9) simultaneously affect the production of sweet corn (y) in Rasau Jaya 1 Village, Rasau Jaya District, Kubu Raya Regency. (4) The t test shows that the production factors in the form of seeds (X2) and herbicides (X8) have a significant effect on the sweet corn production of respondents in Rasau Jaya 1 Village, Rasau Jaya District, Kubu Raya Regency. Thus, analysis of the coefficient of determination shows that R2 is in the statistical regression of 97.70%, which has the influence of land area (X1), seeds (X2), manure (X3), Urea (X4), NPK phonska (X5), Insecticide (X6), Fungicide (X7 ), Herbicide (X8), Labor (X9) on sweet corn production (Y).

13. dileli Dharma Astoeti Publikasi online oleh Editor
Analysis of The Relationship Between Water Quality, Sanitation And Hygiene On Environmental Health On The Edge Of The Kahayan Ri

Abstract: Background: Settlement and housing environment is a basic human need and is also a determinant of public health. According to the Palangka Raya City Health Office, in 2019, the number of people suffering from diseases suffered by the community was related to diseases caused by the environment originating from the Bukit Hindu Community Health Center and Pahandut Health Center. Within two years, 5 dominant diseases were diarrhea sufferers 1,958 people, Typhoid fever and Parathyfoid 1,329 people, intestinal disease inspection due to other bacteria was 939 people, Viral Pneumonia 205 people, and Pulmonary TB as many as 148 people influenced by environmental factors such as sanitation. water storage and yard sanitation. The purpose of this study was to analyze in-depth the relationship between water quality, sanitation, and hygiene on environmental health in the settlements on the banks of the Kahayan River. Materials and Methods: In this study using a Mix Method, namely data collection is done qualitatively and quantitatively. Data analysis was performed using the statistical method "Non-Metric Multidimensional Scaling" (NMDS) with R software with the Vegan package. Results: Based on the research results as shown in the map formed, it is expected to have optimal dimensions for interpretation of the results. Explanation of results that are more than three dimensions is difficult and usually does not provide a good fit value. To see the suitability of the map whether the map generated on the spatial map is good or not by looking at the value of Non-metric fit, R2 = 0.99 and Linear fit ????2 = 0.957. In this study, the number of dimensions used in 2 dimensions where the resulting stress value is 0.0987 (9.87%), which means that the value is included in the good criteria. Conclusion: Based on the results of the research that has been carried out, it can be concluded: 1) The problem of waste and hygiene and healthy living behavior which is a significant risk of sanitation compared to other problems 2) There is no policy related to settlements on the banks of the Kahayan River 3) Unavailability of waste disposal facilities smart and undisciplined lifestyle. 4) The lack of the government's role in controlling the domestic waste, namely by realizing the construction or making of TPS and septic pliers for the community. Water health for hygiene and sanitation still meets the requirements. However, the existing water quality does not meet the health requirements if it is used as drinking water

15. Annisa Vini Fitria Publikasi online oleh Editor

Vegetableis an important part of a healthy diet. Consuming enough vegetables can help protect body from disease. Currently, the level of vegetable consumption by Indonesians is increasing. Cemani District Traditional Market is one of the markets that provides all kinds of fresh vegetables with good quality so that consumers are free to make choices according to their needs. For this reason, research is needed on consumer behavior in buying fresh vegetables at the traditional market. The objectives of this study are: 1) To find out what kind of vegetables consumers are most interested in selling in Cemani traditional markets. 2) Characteristics of consumer behavior. 3) Factors that influence consumers in deciding to buy vegetables at the Cemani traditional market. The research was conducted in the Cemani traditional market, which was chosen deliberately with the consideration that there had never been any research on the attitude of consumers of fresh vegetables. The sample consumers were randomly selected in the Cemani traditional market. Consumer respondents were asked to reveal their motives for buying vegetables in traditional markets through interviews. Some of the vegetable attributes that were evaluated by consumers included the attributes of price of vegetables, freshness of vegetables, brightness of vegetable color, cleanliness of vegetables and vegetable texture. Meanwhile, the market attributes that will be assessed by consumers include cleanliness of the place, friendliness of traders, and proximity to locations. The results showed that consumers who buy vegetables at the Cemani Traditional Market are women aged 17 years and over and in their shopping behavior for vegetables at the Cemani traditional market, it shows that the types of vegetables that consumers are most interested in are green spinach, kale, carrots, sweet corn and chicory. Then the factors that influence the purchase of vegetables are price factors, location factors, quality factors for vegetables, factors influencing others, and market service factors.

17. Dr.Effrata,S.Pd,M.Si Publikasi online oleh Editor

ABSTRAK Kebudayaan adalah suatu cara hidup yang berkembang dan dimiliki bersama oleh sebuah kelompok orang yang diwariskan dari generasi ke generasi. Budaya terbentuk dari banyak unsur yang rumit, termasuk sistem agama, politik, adat istiadat, bahasa, pakaian, bangunan dan karya seni. Desa Dayu yang memiliki ciri khas upacara ritual yang dikenal dengan Miwit Abeh. Dalam upaya masyarakat tentu perlu dukungan dari pemerintah khususnya pemerintah desa dalam melestarikan ritual Miwit Abeh ini agar tidak musnah di tengah perkembangan zaman. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk menganalisis peran pemerintah desa dalam melestarikan ritual Miwit Abeh di desa Dayu, Kecamatan Karusen Janang, Kabupaten Barito Timur serta mendeskripsikan faktor pendukung dan penghambatnya. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode deskriptif. Pendekatan penelitian yang digunakan dalam penelitian yaitu menggunakan pendekatan kualitatif. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian yang dilakukan ditemukan bahwa Salah satu bentuk dari dukungan dari pemerintah Desa Dayu terhadap tradisi ritual Miwit Abeh yaitu, menyediakan sarana dan prasarana berupa rumah adat dan ikut berpartisipasi melibatkan diri dalam pelaksanaan tersebut. Faktor pendukung dalam melestarikan ritual Miwit Abeh yaitu selain dari peran pemerintah khususnya pemerintah desa juga dari masyarakat desa yang ikut mempromosikan melalui media massa. Faktor penghambat internal yang menjadi penghambat yaitu sikap individu di dalam masyarakat untuk lebih mencintai tradisi sendiri masih sangat rendah, adapun faktor eksternalnya adalah munculnya acara-acara modern seiring perkembangan zaman yang menarik perhatian kaum muda khususnya, sehingga mengurangi minat mereka akan ritual-ritual tradisional yang mereka anggap kuno. Dapat disimpulkan bahwa peran pemerintah khususnya pemerintah desa sangat mempengaruhi dalam pelestarian budaya-budaya khususnya ritual Miwit Abeh yang sudah ada sejak turun temurun. Menjadi tantangan semua pihak baik pemerintah amaupun masyarakat agar bisa menumbuhkan sikap peduli budaya kepada generasi selanjutnya agar ritual seperti Miwit Abeh ini tidak musnah. Kata Kunci : Peran Pemerintah, Pemerintah Desa, Ritual Miwit Abeh.

19. Gede Sedana Publikasi online oleh Editor
DEVELOPING BUSINESS MODEL IN RICE PRODUCTION: Case in the Subaks system in Bali, Indonesia

The existence of subak as a traditional irrigation system in Bali has presently played a great role in supporting agricultural development on the rice field. The cultural aspect of subak has become a buffer for Balinese culture and support Bali cultural tourism development. As an international tourism destination, the growth of economic development brought about some problems on subak system, such as water uses competition and land (rice field) conversion. The objective of this paper is to describe the roles of subak in supporting rice production. There are 4 subaks were purposively selected in Tabanan regency, Bali province. 19 respondents were purposively interviewed to have data/information relating to the objective of this study. Data was collected by using several techniques, namely survey, interview, direct observation and documentation. The analysis data employed in this study was fully descriptive method. The results of the study pointed out that subaks should be developed not only in the form of social and cultural aspects, but needs the agribusiness system. In the rice production, it is very important to develop business model involving the market actors, such as cooperative of subaks, companies (input supplier and buyer), bank, government office (the agriculture service). Among these actors must share the roles in making smooth business partnership in order that they would get proportional economic incentive as a profit. The implementation of business model might ensure the sustainability of business partnership among the market actors involved in the rice production development.

21. I Made Sila Publikasi online oleh Editor
PARTICIPATORY APPROACH IN DEVELOPING ECOTOURISM: Case within the Area of Lake Buyan, Bali, Indonesia

The potential of natural resources and ecosystems can be developed and utilized maximally for the welfare of the people while still paying attention to conservation efforts. The objective of this paper is to describe the roles of subak in supporting rice production. The objective of this study is to describe the participation of local people in supporting the development of ecotourism. The study was conducted within the area of Lake Buyan located in Buleleng regency, Bali Province. The respondents interviewed in this study were the officials of The Tourism Service and 40 villagers were also drawn by using simple random sampling. Data collected were primary and secondary data in the site of study. The techniques of data collection were survey, interview, focus group discussion, observation and documentation. Data was analyzed by employing descriptive method. The results of the study pointed out that ecotourism is the eco-friendly tourism activities which has many aspects of nature conservation, socio-cultural and economic empowerment of local communities as well as aspects of learning and education. The development of ecotourism should have some principles, such as: (i) having a concern, responsibility and commitment; (ii) ecology; (iii) providing benefits to the local community; (iv) being sensitive and (v) paying attention. The important values to consider in the development of Buyan ecotourism are: (i) ecological value; (ii) commercial value; (iii) social and cultural values; (iv) recreational values; (v) the value of research and education. .

23. Dr. Nuning Nurna Dewi, M.M Publikasi online oleh Editor

The performance of human resources or employees in an institution or company can be influenced by several factors including organizational culture, leadership style and motivation. The East Java Paramitra Foundation is a non-governmental organization engaged in community empowerment. This institution has undergone a process of transformation, through this transformation process it is hoped that it can encourage and motivate all elements of the organization towards a new, more dynamic spirit. This study has a goal to be achieved, namely to determine the effect of organizational culture, leadership style and motivation partially and simultaneously on the performance of employees of the Paramitra Foundation, East Java. The object of this research is the employees of the East Java Paramitra Foundation, whose employees are spread across several areas in East Java such as Malang, Sidoarjo, Tuban and Probolinggo. This type of research is descriptive with explanatory research. Sampling by means of proportional stratified random sampling. The population in this study were employees of the Paramitra Foundation, East Java. Data analysis using multiple linear regression analysis. Based on the research and F test, it was found that the significance value was 0.000 or <0.05. This shows that H0 is rejected and H1 is accepted, so it can be concluded that the variables of Organizational Culture, Leadership Style and Motivation simultaneously influence the performance of the employees of the Paramitra Foundation, East Java.

25. Dr. Siti Fadjarajani, MT. Publikasi online oleh Editor

The objective of the study is to know The Influence of Cooperative Learning Model Type Student Team Achievement Division (STAD) towards Students' Understanding Level (Study of Experiment towards atmospher Material at the Tenth Grade of SMAN 1 Cigudeg Kecamatan Cigudeg Kabupaten Bogor). The method of the study is true experimental design where the design is pretest-posttest control group design. The data collection techniques are test, observation, interview, questionnaire, documentation study, and literature study. The data analisis technique is done by T-test. The population of the study consists of 196 students at the Tenth grade in social division, with the sample is 62 students which are divided into two classes, 29 students in control class and 33 students in experimental class. The writer takes the sample by random sampling. The Influence of Cooperative Learning Model Type Student Team Achievement Division (STAD) towards Students' Understanding Level (Study of Experiment towards atmospher Material at the Tenth Grade of SMAN 1 Cigudeg Kecamatan Cigudeg Kabupaten Bogor) is done by T-test, which the result is significant value is 0,021 < 0,05. It means that ha is accepted (there is influence) and hypothesis is proved. The use of Cooperative Learning Model Type Student Team Achievement Division (STAD) influenced students' understanding in atmospher material which are seen from seven categories : Interpreting, Exemplifying, Classifying, Summarising, Inferring, Comparing, and Explaning. It means that better the use of Cooperative Learning Model Type Student Team Achievement Division (STAD, the higherthe level of understanding of students' in atmospher material at the Tenth Grade of SMAN 1 Cigudeg Kecamatan Cigudeg Kabupaten Bogor.

27. Dr. ARIFIN, M.Pd Publikasi online oleh Editor
Pendidikan Karakter Melalui Pendekatan Fungsionalis dan Religius (Studi Kasus pada Siswa SLTP/SLTA di Kabupaten Sumedang)

Character education actually aims to increase quality and result of education at school that is to achieve character building and good personality of students holistically, comprehensivelly, and balance based on competence standard of graduate. Then through character education, it is hoped that students are able to apply and develop their own knowledge, express, internalize and personalize character values and good personality in order to be implemented in daily attitude. Character is basically human attitude values that is related to God, him/her self, other people, environment, and nasionality reflected in mind, behavior, feeling, words, action based on religion norms, laws, politeness, culture, and local wisdom. Moreover, learning material connected with norms and values on ech subject is necessary to develop and connect with daily life context explicitely. Nevertheless, character values learning is not only in cognitive level, but also touches on internalization and real experience of students’s daily life in their society. Mochtar Buchori (2007) states that character education, hopefully, keeps students to acknowledge value cognitivelly, internalize it affectivelly, and finally acquire real experience.

29. Dwi Septiani Publikasi online oleh Editor

The purpose of this Research & Development (R&D) is to determine the effectiveness of developing audiovisual media in improving student speaking skills in the Rhetoric Course at the Indonesian Literature Study Program, Pamulang University. The type of data in this study is quantitative, collected from three video presentations of respondents (students) to determine whether there is a difference in learning outcomes between classes with and without audiovisual learning media on Rhetoric Subjects. The sample of this research was 33 students of the second semester of the 2019/2020 academic year. The sample in this study was divided into two groups, namely the experimental group and the control group. The audiovisual learning media developed and used in this study were YouTube videos of popular figures, namely Najwa Shihab, Merry Riana, and Abdul Somad. The results of this study were that the student group using audivisual learning media had an average presentation score of 80.8; while the group of students who did not use audiovisual learning media had an average presentation score of 77.9. Therefore, it can be concluded that the use of audiovisual learning media can improve student learning outcomes, especially in Rhetoric, in presentation skills.

31. Yuli Mulyawati, S.H., M.Pd. Publikasi online oleh Editor

The aim of this study is to determine the relationship between learning discipline and learning outcomes in the sub-theme of animal movement organs. The research approach uses quantitative with correlational study methods. The study data was obtained using questionnaire and test questions. The analysis technique used in this study is descriptive analysis, correlation test, and regression analysis. The sample consisted of students in grades VA, VB, and VC at Bantarkemang 6 State Elementary School totaling 47 students. Testing the analysis requirements in the form of normality tests (Liliefors). After the normality test is performed, a homogeneity test is then performed (Fisher). Data declared normal and homogeneous are used to test hypotheses, the results of which indicate that learning discipline has a positive and significant relationship with learning outcomes in the sub-theme of animal movement organs. Statistical analysis yields a correlation coefficient (rxy) of 0.77, which means that the relationship level is classified as strong and a count of 10,748 is higher than ttable with a significant level of 0.05 of 2,014, meaning significant. It can therefore be concluded that there is a relationship between learning discipline and learning outcomes in the sub-theme of animal movement organs.

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2. Reza Indrawan, S.Pd Publikasi online oleh Editor

The aim of this research is to enhance students’ reading ability by translating Arabic sentence through Look and Say technique at SDIT Segar Amanah grade IV. This research is a Classroom Action Research using Kemmis and Mc Taggart model which consists of planning, actuating and observing, and reflecting in 2 cycles. The data is obtained by testing and observing teacher and students. The result of Pre-test, Post-test Cycle 1 and Post-test Cycle 2 show that Look and Say technique can enhance students’ reading ability in translating aspect . It is also shown by the observation in cycle 1 that students are less enthusiastic and less conducive, but the result in cycle 2, after doing some reflection with the collaborator, shows that the students are more conducive and more enthusiastic doing the Look and Say technique. The reseach shows that there is a significance enhancement of students reading ability by translating Arabic sentence using Look and Say technique in SDIT Segar Amanah Grade IV.

4. Ari Sapti Mei Leni, SSt.FT., M.Or. Publikasi online oleh Editor
The Difficulties Factors on Anatomy Learning of Physiotherapy Students Department

Background: Anatomy courses are a course that learns about human body structure, which includes joints, muscles, bones, organs, and nerves. This course is very important especially for college students majoring in health-physiotherapy because this course is a fundamental knowledge that must be mastered by them in order to understand the next course. This course is recognized as one of the difficult course to be learned because there is found some materials that necessary to learn such as a large number of anatomy part using the Latin language. In addition, not at ll of college students have background knowledge at Senior High School majors, making the college students of physiotherapy face difficulties in memorizing and learning the structure organ of humans. Another that, it also affects the students learning difficulties both internal and other external factors. Materials and Methods: This study is a descriptive analytic research. All Physiotherapy students department on Diploma IV grade at 'Aisyiyah University Surakarta is a population of this study. Meanwhile, the research samples in this study is 63 students at time of odd semester in academic year 2018/2019, using purposive sampling technique.The collecting data techniques in this study were using questionnaire and interview. Then, the obtained data was analysed use a descriptive statistical tests, while the presented data using tables and narration. Results: Finally, based on the data obtained, there is found the research finding result were showed the some influencing factors that cause difficulties by physiotherapy students in learning anatomy course, there are: 1) diffulties in high self-motivation factor at 88.9%, 2) difficulting in educational background at the relevant factor at 100% category, 3) difficulties in facilities and infrastructure at 96.8% smart category, and 4) difficulties in mastering in materials at 95.2%. The results of this study are expected to help develop strategies in learning anatomy that can be understood by students and lecturer.

6. Dr. Zainal Abidin, SE., M. Si. Publikasi online oleh Editor

Background: Every company has a goal of maximizing profits so that the company is able to realize high corporate value and welfare for the company's shareholders. The banking industry also has a responsibility to maximize shareholder welfare. Efficient asset liability management requires banks to optimize profits and monitor and reduce various risks. However, in the Islamic banking industry, there is an adab in maximizing profits, which must be sourced from halal income based on sharia principles that have been established by the National Fatwa Council (DSN). Investment decisions and funding decisions are two very important things in increasing company value. Investment decisions are the most important decisions because they are directly related to investment profitability, investment decisions of a company are reflected in the type of company assets invested. Materials and Methods: The location of this research was conducted in the Islamic Banking Industry which is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. In its implementation, it is carried out in the form of descriptive research with a quantitative approach that uses historical data in the form of quarterly financial reports for the 2018-2020 period. The samples in this study are investment decisions, funding decisions and company value in the 2018-2020 period (12 quarters). The data analysis method used in this research is Multiple Linear Regression analysis which is used to analyze the effect of more than one independent variable on the dependent variable. Data processing uses Statistical Product and Service Solution (SPSS) version 24 assistance. Results: The results showed that investment decisions have a positive but not significant effect on firm value, funding decisions have a negative and not significant effect on firm value in Islamic banking which is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Conclusion: Based on the results of the analysis and discussion that we have described above, it can be concluded that investment decisions have a positive but insignificant effect on firm value and funding decisions have a negative and insignificant effect on firm value in Islamic banking which is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

8. Dr. Widyatmike Gede Mulawarman, M.Hum. Publikasi online oleh Editor

Abstract: Background: The recruitment of teaching staff is a problem in the teaching and learning process, especially in special schools. This condition becomes an important problem when the teacher recruitment system does not meet the National Education Standards. The focus of this research is the integration of child-friendly schools in recruiting educators in special schools using a gender perspective method with the Gender Analysis Pathway as an analysis method. The research objectives are to 1) Describe the management of the recruitment of teaching staff in integrating child-friendly schools at the Tunas Bangsa Balikpapan Special School, 2) Describing leadership and policies in integrating child-friendly schools in the Tunas Bangsa Balikpapan Special School, 3) Describing leadership barriers in integration management child-friendly school at Tunas Bangsa Balikpapan Special School. Materials and Methods: Data collection techniques use primary data in the form of interviews, direct observation of school principals and educators by paying attention to the competence of school principals and educators based on gender by considering the potential advantages possessed by male and female educators. Secondary data in the form of documentation. Informants owned by school principals, deputy principals, administrative staff, educators and students. The data analysis technique uses the Gender Analysis Pathway (GAP) by paying attention to the gaps that occur during the recruitment of school principals and educators by carrying out stages such as data reduction, data presentation and conclusions. Results: The results showed: the recruitment of education personnel in an effort to improve professional academic services was not carried out in accordance with the recruitment procedure of the head, education was only based on the proximity factor without considering what the children actually needed. As for the stages of recruitment of school principals and educators, the obstacles to the management of integrating child-friendly schools are not yet available educators who meet the qualifications with a special school education background, educators do not have commitment to school, the principal also plays a role as educators in other schools so that they do not can be maximized in carrying out his role as principal. The management solution for integrating child-friendly schools attracts more professional educators with a special needs school education background and is committed to schools, improving the school management system as a child-friendly school. The management of integrating child-friendly schools has not been implemented optimally. The leadership has not been able to carry out management processes such as planning, organizing, directing, monitoring, empowering, motivating and evaluating optimally because of limited time in carrying out their functions as a leader.

10. Maureen Marsenne, SE.,M.Ak Publikasi online oleh Editor

ABSTRACT This study aims to determine the effect of role stress on auditors' performance and to determine the psychological well-being aspect as a moderating variable to strengthen or weaken the effect of role stress on auditor performance. The population in this study were 40 independent auditors who work at the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) in the city of Palangka Raya. The data source used in this study is primary data, namely data obtained directly from the original source and not through intermediary media. The data analysis process that is done first is descriptive statistics, validity test, reliability test, classical assumption test, and hypothesis testing. The results of this study indicate that role stress has a positive and significant effect on auditor performance. Another result of this study is that the moderating variable with multiple linear regression analysis, the interaction test, shows that the interaction between psychological well-being and role stress has no effect on auditor performance. This means that the psychological well-being aspect is not able to moderate the effect of inter-role stress on auditor performance.

12. Rerin Maulinda Publikasi online oleh Editor

Saat ini Corona menjadi pembicaraan yang hangat. Di belahan bumi manapun, corona masih mendominasi ruang publik. Dalam waktu singkat saja, namanya menjadi trending topik, dibicarakan di sana-sini, dan diberitakan secara masif di media cetak maupun elektronik. Guru harus mampu membuat model dan strategi pembelajaran yang sesuai dengan karakter siswa di sekolahnya. Penggunaan beberapa aplikasi yang dipilih dalam pembelajaran daring sangat membantu guru dalam proses pembelajaran ini. Guru harus terbiasa mengajar dan memantau dengan memanfaatkan segala jenis media daring yang dikemas dengan efektif, mudah diakses, dan dipahami oleh siswa. Dengan demikian guru dituntut mampu merancang dan mendesain pembelajaran daring yang ringan, mudah dipahami dan efektif, dengan memanfaatkan perangkat atau media daring yang tepat dan sesuai dengan materi yang diajarkan. Pembelajaran dengan menggunakan media sosial Instagram diminati dengan cepatnya respon yang diberikan para siswa untuk mengupload tugas yang diberikan. Dari 65 siswa kelas XII SMK Nusantara 02 Kesehatan, Teks opini analistis paling banyak dipilih sebagai opini dari gambar yang siswa upload di INStagram.

14. Dede Bayu Aji Santoso Publikasi online oleh Editor
MSMEs Development Strategy in the Free Trade Era In Kampung Batik Laweyan Surakarta

During the last few years, traditional batik of micro,small,medium entreprises (MSMEs) that produce hand-drawn and stamped batik have faced several obstacles due to the presence of batik-patterned textiles (batik printing) from a number of countries entering Indonesia. Kampung Batik Laweyan is an area in Surakarta that has various features, especially with the existence of a group of Javanese batik entrepreneurs. A strategy is needed for the development of MSMEs in improving the performance of a batik business, especially in Kampung Batik Laweyan. This research is used to analyze how the strategies used in the development of Indonesian traditional batik MSMEs in Kampung Batik Laweyan. This research method is descriptive which describes the problem under study and describes it coherently. The type of data used is 22 secondary data from other sources. Using data usage techniques with literature and qualitative analysis techniques to produce a strategic information data used in the development of traditional batik MSMEs through the use of technological advances.

16. Hj. Syarifah Arabiyah, S.H., M.H Publikasi online oleh Editor

Background: The enactment of Law Number 6 of 2014 concerning Villages provides changes to the village so that the village government has the right to independently manage resources that are in the local area and are related to the life of the village community. One of the village authorities to develop the village's local economic potential is managing tourism in the village. Sanggau Regency has a lot of tourism potential, ranging from natural tourism to cultural tourism from the life of the people in the village which is unique and still maintained its authenticity. If this potential is then combined and processed properly, the tourism sector in Sanggau Regency can become one of the promising motors for the regional economy. Materials and Methods: This research is a normative juridical research. The data source used in this research is secondary data, namely in the form of laws and regulations, legal research results, and other materials that are correlated with the problems under study. Apart from secondary data, this research is also supported by tertiary data, including materials that provide instructions and explanations for the problems being studied, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, and others. Where then, to confirm the situation in the field, the researcher also conducted interviews with parties related to the formulation of the problem in the research. The data collection technique used in this study was the snowball sampling method. Snowball sampling method with data analysis used in this study is a qualitative descriptive analysis. Results: The development and development efforts of a Tourism Village can not only be carried out by the government, but also the need for community participation. One of the efforts that can be made by the village community in relation to the development and development of a Tourism Village is to form a Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis). To date, there are 12 villages that have formed Pokdarwis. Until now, the Regional Government of Sanggau Regency has not had a specific legal basis regarding the development and development of Tourism Villages in Sanggau Regency. The absence of such a legal basis makes the related parties unable to work optimally. In addition to the awareness of the community in participating in developing and developing the potential to become a Tourism Village in their area, a policy from the Regional Government is also needed so that the development and development of the Tourism Village can run harmoniously both in the socio-economic and legal fields. Conclusion: The absence of a legal umbrella that specifically regulates the Tourism Village in Sanggau Regency results in unclear duties and functions of the parties related to these efforts which then results in less than optimal performance of the parties concerned.

18. I MADE SUTIKA Publikasi online oleh Editor

The ability to communicate in children is influenced by various factors; one of it is from the family and the environment. At the age of 4-6 years old, the children enter the golden age because children quickly absorb things that are taught. At that age children enter kindergarten, which is a formal educational level in which special materials relating to early childhood are given in the form of stimulation, to help the growth and development of children, increase children's creativity, and help them to learn about various sciences through approaches to language, religion, society, emotions, the physical world, motor functions, cognition, language, arts and independence. All are designed as an effort to develop children's thinking and their roles. Therefore, it is important to conduct research to find out the strategies applied by kindergarten teachers and find out what obstacles teachers encounter during the teaching and learning process. In a study entitled "Strategy of Teacher in Improving Communication Ability among Children (Case Study in Bakti 2 Kindergarten Denpasar)", using a qualitative approach and descriptive design. The research subjects were the teachers in Bakti 2 Kindergarten Denpasar. Data collection was done through observation, interview and documentation techniques. The collected data was analyzed with qualitative descriptive techniques. The results of the study indicate that the teacher can recognize the characters of students by paying attention to their daily habits, so that the teacher can find a course of action according to the character of the student. The teacher also implements some methods that can improve students' communication skills, namely by asking questions, telling stories, tourism work, role playing / socio drama, chatting and singing. The teacher must also be friendly, patient, and choose appropriate words so that students can understand and accept various well-taught material. In addition to the method above the teacher uses teaching aids as supports during the teaching and learning process. The obstacle that is often encountered by the teacher is pronunciation that is not yet clear, students have not understood the content of the conversation so that the teacher's efforts to improve their communication skills become a little hampered.

20. Dr. Ir. Endang Noerhartati, MP. Publikasi online oleh Editor

The purpose of this research is to develop digital marketing in sorghum-based agroindustry entrepreneurship. The research method used is qualitative research methods in entrepreneurship, descriptive qualitative action research type with data collection techniques observation and documentation, data was collected and SWOT analysis was carried out. The results showed that sorghum products as a strength in the agroindustrial entrepreneurship process and alternative food diversification products support food security, strengthening the marketing sector to create and increase the potential of digital marketing; the weakness is that raw materials are not maximally available; the threat is competition for imported entrepreneurship products; the challenge is that sorghum products as an alternative food must become a national product.

22. Pupu Saeful Rahmat Publikasi online oleh Editor

The problem in this study is how the effect of the implementation of Principal’s academic supervision, economic teacher pedagogical competence and economic teacher professional competence on student achievement. The method used in this research is a survey method. Data obtained through a questionnaire distributed to all respondents, namely 30 economics teachers. Other data were obtained through the average value of students' daily tests obtained from 30 teachers of economics subjects at SMA Negeri in Kuningan Regency as the research sample. Test the quality of data validity and reliability test, while the analysis technique in this study uses path analysis. The results of this study indicate that (1) There is an effect of the implementation of the principal's academic supervision on teacher pedagogical competence. This shows that the principal's academic supervision has a positive and significant effect on teacher pedagogical competence. (2) The implementation of the Principal's academic supervision has a positive and significant effect on the professional competence of teachers. (3) teacher pedagogical competence has a positive and significant effect on learning achievement. (4) Teacher professional competence has a positive and significant effect on student achievement.

24. SUYAHMAN,M.SI,M.H DRS. Publikasi online oleh Editor

MAILING YUNIOR HIGHT SCHOOL BASED HUMANIST IN THE PERSPECTIVE OF CHARACTER EDUCATION IN DURING THE PANDEMIC COVID 19 IN SUKOHARJO DISTRICT Author Suyahman Lecturer at PPKn Study Program Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Veterans University builds the Nusantara Sukoharjo Email: [email protected] Abstract This study aims to describe the idea of a humanist-based first secondary school education in the perspective of character education during the Covid 19 pandemic in Sukoharjo district. This type of research is qualitative research, with the subject being teachers and seventh grade students at SMP District Kabupaten Sukoharjo, and the objects are child-friendly education, humanism and character education. Data collection methods: online interviews with teachers and class VII students and documentation. The data validity was done by triangulating methods and sources. Data analysis was carried out by qualitative analysis which consisted of 3 stages, namely; data reduction, data display and data verification. The results of the study: the facts in the field found that there were phenomena of seventh grade students in Sukoharjo district which led to the creation of unfriendly junior high schools, the impact was that many children were lazy to go to school, children had a fear of going to school, lazy children went to school, and children were not at ease. in school. The conclusion is: it is necessary to conduct research to find the causative factors and to find a formulation that can minimize a more condosive junior high school and make children feel at home in school. Keywords: Child-friendly education, humanism and character education

26. wita ramadhanti Publikasi online oleh Editor
Positive Accounting Theory’s Hypotheses Testing on Indonesian Banks

Background: This study aims to test the income smoothing phenomenon in Indonesian banks using Loan Loss Provisions. Hypothesis development derived from Positive Accounting Theory that is political cost, compensation plan, and debt covenant. Materials and Methods: This is quantitative archival research. Panel data are taken using purposive sampling from financial and annual reports of Indonesian Banks listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange during 2011-2018. Results The results show that higher gross loans and company size will reduce loan loss provision. It means that income smoothing happens in Indonesia Banking. After doing a robustness test by split sample for government and non-government bank, this results is robust with non-government banking sample. The results are consistent only with the Political Cost Hypothesis from Positive Accounting Theory. Bonus Plan and Debt Covenant Violation hypothesis do not support this study.

28. WAWAT SRINAWATI, S.Pd, M.Pd Publikasi online oleh Editor
Analysis of Psychological Focus of Education to Conduct Learning During Pandemic Covid-19 in Bogor

The COVID-19 pandemic is a devastating disaster for all inhabitants of the earth. All segments of human life on earth are disturbed, without exception of education. This study aims to determine the psychological picture of students in the learning process during the Covid-19 pandemic. This condition has implications for the effectiveness of the learning process in the world of education. Psychological stressors cause changes in a person's life so that they are forced to adapt or cope with the stressors that arise. Changes in learning methods are one of the triggers for psychological change, one of which is anxiety. This research uses qualitative methods, data collection is done through interview techniques in depth interview, observation and literature study. The results showed that the psychological problems experienced by students in the online learning process were anxiety. The results of this study indicate that (1) students are getting bored with online learning after almost 11 months of studying at home, (2) there is considerable anxiety in research subjects whose parents have low income, because they have to buy a quota to be able to participate in online learning, (3) changes in mood or mood occurred due to too many assignments and was considered ineffective by students. Keywords: Covid-19 Pandemic, Education, Student psychology

30. Agung Santoso Publikasi online oleh Editor
Detection of Sharp Weapons on X-Ray Image Using Supervised SVM Learning

The detection process begins with the edge detection of x-ray images using LoG. Next, change the RGB image to YCbYr then select the Cb channel as color detection. To get a blue image object as an indication of metal. Followed by 3 other processes consisting of: binaryization with the aim of converting the image to black and white. Filtering is useful for removing noise. Segmentation for floating objects and calculation of object dimensions consists of the value of RV and ∑ Pixels. After getting the dimension value, then the SVM classification process is carried out using training data and data testing. The results of the SVM process are in the form of graphics and recommendations that the object to be processed is a knife or non-knife type.

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1. Dr. Andam S. Ardan, S.Si., M.Si. Participant


3. Dr. Desi Ulpa Anggraini,S.E.,M.M.,M.Si Participant


5. Ellisyah Mindari, S.E., M.Si. Participant


7. Dra. St. Asiyah. M. A Participant


9. Dra. Samsiar RivaI, S.Pd.,M.Pd Participant


11. Rimalita Participant


13. Pramudana Ihsan Participant


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10. Achmad Muchayan Participant


12. DRS.M. KENDRY WIDIYANTO, M.Si Participant


14. Dr. Rano I Sudra, M.Kes Participant


16. Arip Ambulan Panjaitan Participant


18. Prof. Dr. Nanang Priatna, M.Pd. Participant


20. Dr.Tresia Kristiana,SE,M.Si Participant


22. Nur Widyawati, S.Si., M.SM Participant


24. Nabhan Fadlan Participant


26. Dra. R. Teti Rostikawati, Participant


28. Dr. Rini Mastuti, S.Pt., M.P Participant



1. Dr. Didi Sundiman, ST., MM. Invite Speaker
Big Data Science for Business Sustainability

Kepulauan Riau

3. Dr. Surti Kurniasih, M. Si Invite Speaker
Keanekaragaman Pteridophyta di Jalur Wisata Curug Cibeureum Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango

Jawa Barat

5. Charlyna S . Purba, S.H., M.H. Invite Speaker

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7. Dewi Mariana,S.Pd.,M.Pd Invite Speaker

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9. Lili Yanti, S.Pd., M.Pd Invite Speaker
Structur, Function, And Meaning Of Mantra Paga Ramin Dayak Bakati In Tainam Hamlet, Bengkayang Regency


11. Citra Utami, S.Pd., M.Pd Invite Speaker
Analysis of Students' Number Sense Ability on Fraction Number Material in Class VII of SMP Negeri 8 Singkawang

Kalimantan Barat

13. buyung,S.Pd.,M.pd Invite Speaker

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15. Susan Neni Triani Invite Speaker
The Meaning of Home Appliances in the Madura Language

Kalimantan Barat West Borneo)

17. Sri Mulyani, S.Pd, M.Pd Invite Speaker
Analysis of the Use of Madurese Language Levels in the Singkawang Islamic Boarding School

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2. Indri Lastriyani, S.Pd., M.Pd. Invite Speaker


4. Dr.Fariz,SE,MM,ICPM Invite Speaker
Masa Depan Pariwisata Indonesia Pasca Pandemi

Jawa Timur

6. Intan Kusumawati, S.Pd., M.Pd. Invite Speaker
Evaluasi Pembelajaran Melalui Lesspn Study

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8. Zulfahita, S.Pd., M.Pd. Invite Speaker
Cultural Values in the Myths of the Ketapang Society

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10. Rika Wahyuni,S.Si.,M.Pd Invite Speaker

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12. eTI SUNARSIH, S. Pd. M.Pd. Invite Speaker


14. Fitri, S.Pd., M.Pd. Invite Speaker

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16. Sri Mulyani, S.Pd, M.Pd Invite Speaker
Analysis of the Use of Madurese Language Levels in the Singkawang Islamic Boarding School

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18. Insan Suwanto, S.Pd., M.Pd. Invite Speaker
How The Traditional Game of Jumping Rope Affects Students' Cooperative Attitudes

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27ᵗʰ ADRI International Conference

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27ᵗʰ ADRI International Conference


March, 9 2021

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27ᵗʰ ADRI International Conference

March, 10-11 2021

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Presentation Material of Keynote and Invite Speaker of The 27th ADRI International Conference

27ᵗʰ ADRI International Conference

# Name Title
1 Prof. Dr. Ir. Achmadi Susilo, MS (Komisi 5 DPR RI) Percepatan Jabatan Akademik Dosen dari Asisten Ahli sampai Profesor
2 Al Busyra Basnur (Duta Besar Indonesia untuk Ethiopia, Djibouti dan Uni Afrika) Enhancing the Role of Expert and Lecturer in Diplomacy
3 Asst. Prof. Dr. Nithima Yuenyong (Vice President Pathumtani University, Thailand) Disruptive Technology in Higher Education Thailand
4 Prof. Hadi Susanto (University of Essex UK, Khalifa University UAE) Scopus, Journal dan Alamat
5 Dr. I-Hsien Ting (National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan) When KM and CRM Meet Social Media
6 Prof. Dato Ts. Dr. Hj. Mohd. Idrus Hj. Mohd. Masirin, DKSD, PK, PPA (UTHM Malaysia, Malaysia Academic Association Congress) Impact of IOT and AI on Education, Business and Transportation Development
7 Omar bin Shawkataly, FASc, DPSM, DSM The State of Malaysian Universities – Some Issues and Challenges
8 Prof. Dr. Nuarrual Hilal Md Dahlan, ACIS (CGP),(CS), CC (Malaysian Academic Association Congress, Universiti Utara Malaysia) Praktis dan Isu Universiti Awam di Malaysia - Suatu Perspektif Undang-Undang Aktivis Akademik
9 Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Mohd Rizal Arshad (Universiti Malaysia Perlis) New Normal in Varsity Campus: Educating and Preparing University Stakeholders
10 Dr. Sumarto, M.Pd.I (Ketua DPD ADRI Bengkulu) Presentation material of Dr. Sumarto, M.Pd.I (Ketua DPD ADRI Bengkulu)
11 Prof. Dr. Ir. Chablullah Wibisono, MM (Universitas Batam) Building Human Resources based on Spiritual Intelegence, Intelectual Intelegence, Psychomotoric Intelegence and Religious Performance
12 Dr. Sri Wiwoho Mudjanarko (President DPD ADRI Jawa Timur) Housing Simple Structure Using Precast Model
13 Ahmad Talib (Universitas Muhammadiyah Maluku Utara) ADRI’s Role in Supporting National Food Security Post Pandemic Covid-19